Tearoute had been an established tea brand in Greece since 2001 before they decided to launch their UK branch in 2016. In Greece Tearoute was already a household name, with two physical stores in Athens and one in Thessaloniki, as well as a thriving eCommerce site selling their 200+ varieties of tea all over Europe - so we needed to design something that would convey their established roots in Greece, while still seeming fresh and new to the UK market.

Our first steps were to book flights out to Greece and meet the founder of the company in Athens so we could really get to understand the brand and where it came from, as well as using the whole trip as a thinly veiled excuse to eat way too much Greek food. Chatting with the founder and seeing the physical shops in Greece proved to be more useful than we could have imagined, with the one major takeaway being that we shouldn't be afraid to go bold, which was music to our ears.

  • Client : Tearoute
  • Website : tearoute.co.uk
  • Issues : None - this was just a bit of a fun one!
  • Services Offered : Web Design and Development

Rethinking Tea

In our initial research we noticed that the imagery of most major tea brands was focussed on the dried ingredients, which doesn't evoke any sense of recognition to someone who's never tried that tea before and often looks quite unappealing.

With Tearoute having such a vast array of different tea and ingredient combinations, we needed to make sure our approach was going to draw the customer's attention to all the exciting flavours they were offering. To do this, we focussed almost entirely on the fresh ingredients in the teas, using imagery to show how the teas are bursting with flavour rather than the dried, stale ideas evoked in other tea companies' imagery.


Adding Colour

The other major issue we noticed was that in general, high-end tea brands tended to seem quite 'exclusive', or even snobby - evoking ideas of traditional 'Englishness' and using excessive, flowery language, making their tea seem fairly uninviting.

In response, we decided to make the brand as fun and accessible as possible, we focused on bold, bright colours coupled with clean, simple, sans-serif type.


A Focus On eCommerce

Now that we had the creative direction on the website down, it was time to turn our focus to driving sales through user experience design. One of the most (if not the most) important pages on any eCommerce website is the single product page, so we spent a lot of time thinking about and refining the product page to turn it into more than just somewhere you could go to buy the tea, but so that's also somewhere you can be sold on that tea and convinced to try something new.

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