Second Shot Coffee

Second Shot is a London-based café that is centred around combating homelessness and doing what they can to remove the stigma around those who end up on the streets. Other than their head of coffee, everyone who works at Second Shot is a formally homeless person looking to get back on their feet and gain regular employment.

We got involved with the project in 2015 after contacting Julius, the founder of Second Shot, to help him out with the design for his IndieGogo campaign. He later managed to secure all the funding he needed for a physical café towards the start of 2016 and we began to think about the brand as a whole and how it would interact with the space he had.

One of the main challenges that we had to address in the design was catering to both sides of what Second Shot does - tackle homelessness by breaking down stereotypes and offering job opportunities AND make bloody good coffee. We had to create something that could work for both homelessness and coffee equally, without placing either as a priority. This meant drawing on inspiration from the modern London café scene but also making it stand out in a way that conveys how Second Shot is about so much more than just good coffee.

  • Client : Second Shot Coffee
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  • Issues : Homelessness, Sustainability
  • Services Offered : Branding, Crowdfunding Campaign, Website Design, Website Development, Print, Packaging

Logo Development

The logo went through a number of different iterations and directions before we arrived at the final design. We knew we wanted something bold and simple that could convey that Second Shot wasn't just another London café. It also needed to be versatile, so that as Second Shot expands, the logo isn't limited to only working in the context of a café, which meant avoiding any coffee-related iconography.

We decided on the 'steps' design for a number of reasons - it highlights the 'second' shot, it's rising upwards and moving forward and it's reminiscent of bricks stacked on top of each other, making a reference to housing and homelessness.

Second Shot Coffee

Pay It Forward wall

The concept of some sort of 'pay it forward' system was central to Second Shot from the beginning. The basic idea is to give customers the means make a donation of food or coffee with their order, but we were tasked with how to implement it in a new and interesting way to make it as effective as possible.

We saw the purpose of the pay it forward system as threefold: to immediately convey to someone entering the café that Second Shot does more than sell coffee, to give people a sense of connection and meaning to the act of giving, and to be enjoyable in a way that encourages people to actually want to make a donation and have fun doing so.

In order to fulfil these three purposes, we decided to make the pay it forward system as interactive as possible by turning the wall space next to the checkout into a giant whiteboard where customers can draw their donations. This way we created a giant, ever-evolving art piece that anyone who enters the café can see and would naturally be interested by. It also make the act of giving a lot more creative and meaningful, as well as being a bit of fun - it's not every day you can walk into a cafe and doodle on the walls.

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