Progressive Alliance

The Progressive Alliance is an historic campaign that began at a time when many progressive people had just about given up hope that British politics could change.

Due to the nature of a snap election being called by Theresa May on June 8th 2017, with just 6 weeks to build & execute a campaign, a team was created with a focus on agility and innovation, who could react to events instantly and steal a march on the narrative.

The campaign used digital tools as a means to make meaningful connections offline, and to allow ordinary people to understand the complex ideas & politics of the 2017 General Election. Working closely with Ali Blackwell, who built the amazing Vote Smart tool (see below to find out more about that), and the Small Axe team, we acted quickly to create a unified experience that connected content from multiple sources.

As well as developing & designing the various pages for the site, we also created explainer animations, videos, micro-sites and more.

Long live the Progressive Alliance!

Screenshot of the Progressive Alliance Vote Smart tool
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  • Issues : Progressive Politics, Democracy, Fairness, Justice
  • Services Offered : Web design, Strategy, Development, Animation, Video

The challenge

The Progressive Alliance's campaign had to be launched as quickly as possible, and we decided to go for an iterative approach where we as a team would get pages & functionality up and running, and then make improvements to them as the site was live.

The first iteration of the homepage went up the day before we joined the project, and it was a balance between making necessary improvements and not alienating people with changes that were too jarring.

Screenshot of the initial Progressive Alliance Vote Smart tool
Updated versions of the Progressive Alliance Vote Smart tool stacked on top of each other

Vote Smart Tool

The Progressive Alliance team created the Vote Smart tool which, using sophisticated data modelling from Compass, allowed people to type in their postcode and receive detailed recommendations on who was the best candidate to vote for for the best chances of ushering in a Progressive Alliance.

Vote Smart Tool screenshot

Dynamic Content

The Progressive Alliance was far more than just the Vote Smart tool, and we wanted to make sure that when people used the tool they were not being asked for, or given, information that wasn't relevant to them.

We had a dynamic sidebar that was personalised to each user based on whether they'd registered or not. There's no reason to ask for their email, name or phone number, for example, if we already had that information from a previous registration.

Progressive Alliance Vote Smart dynamic sidebar

Multiple Homepages

With the General Election 2017 campaign changing rapidly and at short notice (like all political campaigns really...) - we had to move fast and create dynamic content that was ahead of the curve. We would constantly adjust and tweak homepages, petition pages, donation pages etc. to reflect the changing political environment.

Screenshot of the updated home for the Progressive Alliance Vote Smart tool

Poster Generator

After noticing that people who had committed to voting tactically in the General Election 2017 were making their own posters and displaying them outside their house, we decided to create a tool on the website where people could choose who they would normally vote for, and who they were voting for this time around, and it automatically generate a beautifully designed poster.

It was a huge success and Progressive Alliance posters started popping up all over the nation!

Progressive Alliance Poster Generator screenshot

Shareable content

A big part of the Progressive Alliance campaign was focussed on social media and creating content that was a bit of fun in the context of a generally serious and heavy election campaign.

We created and came up with ideas for a wide range of informational & fun graphics / mini-sites & videos that would be highly shareable and generate discussion around the idea of a Progressive Alliance.


Tactical Voting Video

We created a simple and easy to understand video that explained exactly how tactical voting worked. One of the easy things to do when working on a political campaign, especially during the heart of a General Election, is to assume a level of knowledge that excludes a number of people who you want to appeal to.

The video got 499k views on Facebook, and had an overwhelmingly positive response!

How a tactical vote can beat the Tories

Tactical voting explained. SHARE with your friends who can help tip the balance.We can overturn our unfair political system by voting for progressive candidates who can win; giving us more voices in parliament to speak out for a fairer future.Find out how to vote smart to tip the balance where you live:

Posted by Compass on Friday, 26 May 2017

Running through a field of wheat

We came up with the idea immediately after Theresa May’s interview, where she confessed her deepest darkest secret of once having run through a field of wheat, of spoofing the old Wizard of Oz style 50s movies.

Damiaan, a brilliant designer at the small Axe, put the video together and we immediately shared it through the Progressive Alliance Facebook page. It took off, and got close to 300k views!

Naughty Mrs May

Is this the naughtiest thing Theresa May has ever done?What about school, police and NHS cuts? The snoopers charter? Shutting the door on refugee children? It doesn't have to be like this… if we vote smart >> #ITVTonight #ChangeTheGovernment

Posted by Compass on Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Doom Loop

We created a fun site that showed the impending Tory Doom Loop of bad decisions and bad ideas, and that there was a way to “reset politics” – a slogan of the campaign!

One is too many

With the help of disability groups, we created a website called One is too many where the names of people who have died either directly or indirectly as a result of the Conservatives cuts to benefits in the last 7 years.

Anti-DUP poster
Progressive Alliance Vote Smart

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