Prawn on the Lawn

Prawn on the Lawn is an awesome restaurant in North London (and now Padstow as well!) that focusses on sustainable sea-food and changing attitudes towards eating fish in a responsible and ecologically friendly manner. If you're interested in checking them out, you should definitely have a gander at their website!

POTL already had a super modern, fun brand identity that played with not taking themselves too seriously, all while providing highly sustainable and ethically sourced fish (and other things too).

As well as constantly pushing for the highest standards in sustainability in their own produce, Prawn on the Lawn also work with others, such as the Lobster Hatchery in Padstow, to ensure we're not only eating sustainably and ethically now, but will continue to be able to do so in the future.

  • Client : Prawn on the Lawn
  • Website :
  • Issues : Sustainability, Sustainable Food, Sustainable Fishing
  • Services Offered : Print Design, Branding, Website Design, Website Development

Working together

We have worked on a whole load of different projects for the POTL team, and continue to work closely together to come up with interesting and effective sustainable design

We created a loyalty card for POTL's second restaurant in Padstow, loosely playing on the Oyster Card idea. They were given to local residents and regular customers, and was a way of creating a fun and unique approach to loyalty cards.

Prawn on the Lawn

Working with others

POTL foster relationships & connections with many other local businesses, especially those which seek to promote a sustainable and ethical approach to food. We created a poster that was put up around Padstow to promote a joint event with another local business.

They even asked us to create a logo for their main fisherman, Johnny Murt, who comes from a long line of local Cornish fishermen who are dedicated to protecting the local environment they depend on by promoting sustainable fishing practices

Prawn on the Lawn
Prawn on the Lawn Prawn on the Lawn Prawn on the Lawn Prawn on the Lawn

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