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Full Fact is the UK's leading fact checking website/organisation - they hold politicians, the media, pressure groups, and many other public voices to account - performing an absolutely essential job in allowing the many, not just the few, to take part in public policy.

With such an important mission, covering a huge range of topics that can often be serious, difficult to understand, and sometimes a bit dry - Full Fact wanted a new website design that would be accessible and unintimidating.

We knew that one of the most crucial parts of this redesign was to combine both a welcoming and approachable visual language, with a serious and weighty tone that would not alienate either members of the public looking for answers, or journalists & public policy officials themselves (who often use the site for information that cuts through the noise).

Clear Honest Design created a design that reflected these two demands - opting for a visually heavy design on the homepage and Hub pages - allowing people to browse easily, and stripping back many of the elements on the actual article pages that could make the subject feel overwhelming.

Full Fact were very pleased with the results, we were working to an incredibly tight deadline to get the new visual style together prior to the EU Referendum, anticipating the huge increase in visitors in the run up to June 23rd.

  • Client : Full Fact
  • Website : fullfact.org
  • Issues : Politics, Fact-Checking, Fake News
  • Services Offered : Website Design

Colour Palette

With such a large and recurring readership, it was crucial to maintain core elements of the existing design so to not alienate regular visitors. We took the colourful palette that Full Fact already had, and with some tweaking, assigned different topics the new colours, allowing for easy categorisation and immediate visual cues as to which topic was currently being viewed.

Full Fact

Modular & Future Proofed

Working closely with the Full Fact team, a new design was created based on a modular system - allowing Full Fact the flexibility to change the content to suit the political events of the day. Due to the ever changing political landscape, and the need to adapt to times when political events consume all attention (e.g. EU referendums / General Elections), as well as when there is no one event to grab all the attention, we created a dynamic design language that could add & subtract elements as necessary.

Full Fact
Full Fact Full Fact

The Hub

We created new Hub pages that would be curated collections of all the major topics, as well as special features, within a particular subject area. These are helpful both for the end user, who from a UX perspective can immediately navigate to the Hub they are interested in and find all that is related, as well as the Full Fact team who can easily tag different articles into neat sections.

Full Fact

Optimised for Reading

As the site is primarily used for reading long, and sometimes difficult articles, we spent a huge amount of time optimising the line lengths, spacing, and sizing. It was also crucial to make the claims, quotes and stand-out boxes easy to ready and digest - at all sizes of screen!

Full Fact

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