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The Foreign Policy Centre came to us as they were preparing to transition to the next phase in their history. With a new managing board, it was also time for a new and refreshed look.

One of a think tank's greatest assets is reliability, trust and a sense of staying strong throughout different political eras. As a result we knew that we didn't want to deviate too strongly from what made Foreign Policy Centre recognisable (aside from their output of content).

A challenge that many think tanks (and organisations generally) face is how to successfully transition from a focus on offline print material to a digital-first approach - and it was with this in mind that we set about redesigning both the brand and website for future years to come.

Foreign Policy Centre Logo
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What Came Before

The Foreign Policy Centre was formed in 1998 with a vision of a fair and rule-based world order. It was focussed on producing reports, like most think tanks, many of which were very influential. The website was simple and to the point, and existed in it's current form for a great portion of the think tank's history.

Foreign Policy Centre archived site

Reimagining the brand

When rebranding the Foreign Policy Centre, we wanted to evolve the existing look and feel rather than starting afresh. As with many rebrands that take place today, we needed to adapt a brand that was imagined for a predominantly offline presence, with a more multifunctional logo that could adapt to various media and take multiple forms.

The first step was allowing ourselves the flexibility to trial lots of different directions and routes, and then narrowing down our focus based on the research we had done into who the audience we were trying to reach was.

Choosing a direction

We realised that we were drawn to the multiple dots from the existing logo that represented the various strands of Foreign Policy Centre's work, and reconfigured them into an F that could work as well in an app logo as it could on a roller banner.

FPC Icon on tote bag
FPC full page screenshot

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