We were asked to create a brand, and simple website, in a rapid turnaround for the upcoming Brazilian elections. At CHD we love a challenge, and so the task of creating an entire brand in 10 days was something we relished!

Beyond just the look and feel, there was also the need to create a design language and iconography that was as unambiguous as possible, and could not rely solely on literacy understanding.

Comprova Logo
  • Client : Comprova
  • Website :
  • Issues : Fake News, Journalism, Fighting Misinformation
  • Services Offered : Branding, Website Development

Navigating a tricky landscape.

The main challenge when creating the branding for Comprova was finding a brand that was politically neutral, was not associated with any of it's members (not an easy task when there are 24 members with distinct branding, colours, history and rivalries!).

We created a range of options, understanding that those best placed to pick out any conflicts were the organisations in Brazil themselves. We iterated quickly, and once we'd chosen on a route that satisfied all parties, we then fleshed out the designs and started working on the applications of the brand.

Six Comprova logo ideas
Comprova logo on different backgrounds

How to solve a problem like colour

When working with an organisation that was centred around fact checking, the use of brand colours took on a whole new meaning. Ensuring that the colours chosen did not either deliberately, or sub-consciously, influence viewers was crucial.

We settled on yellow as the primary brand colour, standing out both amongst crowded social media feeds, and the newsroom brands that would always accompany any post from Comprova. We took variations on the classic red and green for use when giving a truthfulness meter, so that they would not overtly influence the viewer, and would instead push them to read and understand the nuance of the text.

Overlays and scrolling quickly

We needed to create a visual language that would instantly standout when scrolling through a newsfeed of competing content.

We also wanted to create a design language that was difficult to copy, thus preventing Comprova being used by those online trying to spread misinformation from co-opting the Comprova brand to further confuse people.

Example of a Comprova link posted on social media
Comprova mockup examples
Comprova stickers
Comprova metal pin button
Example of a Comprova name tag

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