Bite the Ballot

Bite the Ballot exist to empower young people to take a stake in society, engage with decision-making and make informed choices as active citizens.

In the run up to the EU Referendum in the UK on June 23rd, Bite the Ballot had planned a whole range of events, videos, campaigns and more to ensure turnout for young people was as high as it could be.

Bite the Ballot approached us at Clear Honest Design to try and think outside the box and create a video that would change young people's minds and help them realise the importance of the EU Referendum.

  • Client : Bite the Ballot
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  • Issues : Democracy, Youth, Voting, EU Referendum
  • Services Offered : Script Writing, Production, Filming, Directing, Editing

Creating the concept

The original brief centred around the idea of demonstrating the benefits & the negatives of leaving the EU, using issues that would matter to the EU.

Here at Clear Honest Design we thought that young people were most likely tired of hearing about dry policies either for or against the EU. Even for us at CHD, where most of us studied Politics in some form at university, the EU Referendum was far from the most interesting topic - and it needed something different.

We took inspiration from the Rock the Vote campaign in the states, where back in 2008 they released a 'Don't Vote' campaign fronted by all of the top celebs at the time

Bite the Ballot

A very British version

Despite our best efforts, we didn't have *quite* the pulling power of Rock the Vote, who in their own words, were founded by "countless recording artists, industry executives and political activists were instrumental in launching the organization"

With a quick turnaround needed, a low budget, and maximum impact - we came up with a very British take on the 'Don't Vote' campaign - one that said thank you for not voting, and using only 65+ actors to be our 'celebs'

Bite the Ballot

The Script

We wrote a script that would demonstrate the policies & arguments that only affected young people, but that statistically the elder generation would have the deciding vote on. From standardised mobile phone chargers, to the tampon tax, to free European university studies.

Bite the Ballot Bite the Ballot Bite the Ballot Bite the Ballot

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