We Help People Help People

We're an ethical design agency that think important issues should be clearer, more honest, and a whole lot more effective - we think that's the way to really make a difference, that's what we do ... and we're pretty good at it.

As an ethical design agency, we don't work with bad people, so if you happen to have a couple of secret offshore bank accounts, or think that polar bears had it coming, then we're probably not going to get on. Sorry.

But, if you want to create something that genuinely makes a difference, that not only turns heads, but changes minds, then let's work together

Unite Union
University of Cambridge Psychometrics Centre Design
Full Fact - Fact Checking
Kings College London
Save the Children
Greenman Festival
Transparency International UK
medicine sans frontiers
Reprieve charity
Scope = Equality for disabled people
National Union of Teachers
Unlock Charity
Energy Saving Trust

We make things easy.

From running a web project to updating your website afterwards, everything should be as simple as possible.

We're small, on purpose.

Our passion is building products, not managing staff. You should be paying for our expertise, not our overheads.

We're straight shooters.

We think our clients should always understand what we're doing - we hate jargon. If we don’t think something’s a good idea or necessary, we’ll let you know, honestly (clearly, and designly).

We ask a lot of questions.

We need to see the whole picture before we start. The more we know about what you do, the better we can do what we do.

We work with people we believe in.

We created CHD because we think that design can change the world. We’re only happy if what we do makes people’s lives better, and that’s what gets us out of bed in the morning.

We'd much rather show than tell.

Honestly - we much prefer making great products to talking about them.

We Can Talk NHS Training

Empowering NHS staff with We Can Talk: an interactive online training platform for mental health support Take a look


Transforming Unlock's Digital Presence: A Seamless User Experience for People with Convictions Take a look

Green Man Festival

Development of the festival homepage, with custom web animation to help bring the illustrations to life Take a look

Transparency International Defence & Security

Redevelopment of main website, the Government Defence Index and the Defence Companies Index Take a look

The Big Hack by Scope

Making the digital world accessible to disabled people Take a look


Parody site for Open Rights Group Campaign highlighting how UK internet rights could be affected by Brexit Take a look


Creating a brand for newsrooms in Brazil to come together Take a look

The Institute for Fiscal Studies

Building a tool to demonstrate NHS funding challenges Take a look

Save the Children

An interactive tool to convey the horrors of bombing in urban areas Take a look